Swisscom – Brand Specialist

To advertise Swisscom’s new employee program, we were asked to develop a story that illustrates the possibilities as a Brand Specialist, and motivates the employees to apply for this program

Sounddesign: Jingle Jungle

The mission
Swisscom is the leading telecommunications provider in Switzerland. To stay ahead of their competitors, Swisscom always tries to motivate their employees with special programs and make them give of their best. One of those programs is Swisscom Brand Specialist where employees with a strong relationship to a specific brand can apply to join this program, and thus become expert about everything related to this brand. After successfully doing the Brand Specialist training they will be the ambassadors for this brand in one of Swisscom’s many shops.

The result
Firstly we needed the employees to get to know that there was a new education program out there and secondly we needed to motivate them to apply for it. We did this by creating a short animation that tells that Brand Specialists are some kind of superheroes. It is made clear in an amusing way to those interested that many of Swisscom’s employees are already superheroes in their daily lives. Now, with Swisscom’s new specialist program, they can be superheroes in their jobs too.

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